• Wanna Ultradźwiękowa BAKU BK-1200

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1. Most advanced bonding process, never wear a cylinder, no nails and off the cylinder phenomenon.
2. This product with a constant temperature function LED digital display temperature in the range of 0-80 adjustable,
can in addition to oil, in addition to wax, decontamination effect is remarkable.
3. First standby mode, a key wake-up function, more security, the replacement of security, more efficient.
4. With getter, degassing function, realize the true sense of the ultrasonic vacuum.
5. Working hours LED digital display 1--99 minutes arbitrary adjustable, accurate calculation to the second to meet the different needs of the cleaning needs.
6. Washing machine shell is made of high quality stainless steel embossing plate making and anti wrinkle, beautiful and generous.
7. High quality imported core components, high ultrasonic efficiency, strong power, good cleaning effect.

Model: BK-1200
Tank Size (L*W*H)mm: 175*140*65
Overall Size (L*W*H)mm: 210*170*195
Volume (L): 1.76
Power (W): 60
Frequency (KHz): 40
Heating Power (W): 100
Time setting (Min): 1-99
Temperature (?): 0-80

-Jewellery especially gold,silver & platinum
-Coins and other collectibls
-PCB Boards etc
-Engine / Model parts
-Toothbrushes & Dentures
-Electrical components
-Make-up cases
-Diesel injection pumps
-Printer heads and toner cartridges
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